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  • Where do you deliver?
    At the moment, we are only delivering within Karachi. Delivery is free of charge.
  • Where can I place my order?
    You can place your order right here on our website! Take a look at our Top Sellers for hand-picked combinations of our finest planters and plants that never go out of style. For custom orders, please visit our Contact Us page and reach out to us using WhatsApp, Email, Insta DM or our Contact Form.
  • What are your modes of payment?
    Once your order has been confirmed, we will call/message you to enquire about the payment method of your choice. We offer cash on delivery (COD), bank transfer, Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash.
  • How long do you take to deliver an order?
    Your order will be delivered to you within 5-7 working days after order confirmation/payment. Since most of our planters are hand-poured (concrete) as well as hand-painted, larger orders may require a longer lead time. Our representative will contact you on order confirmation to confirm the payment method and delivery date.
  • Do you have a physical store?
    We stock our best sellers at the Object Flagship store above Evergreen on Sehr as well as the Object Kiosk in Dolmen Mall Clifton in Karachi if you'd like to pick something up. We do occasionally set up pop-up stalls in various locations in Karachi. You can follow us on Instagram to stay updated for the next one.
  • Do you cater to bulk orders for event/corporate favours and giveaways?
    Yes, we do! Bulk orders also qualify for special discounts so please contact us to receive a quote and lead-time based on your requirements. Keep in mind, such orders need extra time to produce and deliver so do contact us well in advance so we can confirm we are able to fulfil the order.
  • How do I customise an order/request a new design?
    My Cactus Romance specialises in lovingly-created bespoke designs that can 100% be customised to your specifications. You can get the plant changed, choose a new colour scheme or text, or even get an entirely new design painted on our planters. To request a quote, you can Contact Us or leave a DM on Instagram, and our rep will get back to you with a quote.
  • Do you sell planters without the plants, or plants without planters?
    We don't sell plants separately at the moment, and we mainly sell planters with plants, matching planter design with plants that suit it best. Planters are however available separately and listed on the site - just check for products that don’t show any plants in the photos. If you see a planter or set that isn’t available without plants, just contact us and we’ll make it happen for you.
  • My plant/planter was damaged in transit. What are my options?
    Rare mishaps do happen. If your plant has suffered damage in shipping, we will ship you a new plant free of any charge. If the plant is fine, but has shifted out of its planter, we'll guide you through planting it back in. It's not particularly difficult, and may even bring you closer to your plant baby. If your planter has suffered damage, we will also replace it free of charge. Just take photos/videos of your damaged plant/planter and share those with us.
  • "I would like to get a plant, but I don't know anything about caring for them..."
    The myth of having a green thumb when it comes to taking care of plants is just that - a myth. Plant care is surprisingly easy. The only two things to keep in mind are: is your plant getting enough sun, and is it getting the right amount of water. We outline the basics in our detailed Care Card, which you will receive along with your order. If you have any specific questions, you can always reach out to us and we'll help you out.
  • How often should I water my plant?
    Cacti and succulents are great at storing water, but this is also their weakness as they can absorb too much water, so overwatering is dangerous. House plants prefer more frequent watering. As a rule, remember that more sun exposure requires heavier/more frequent waterings, while lower sun exposure requires less. Our soil is light and fast drying to keep your plants happy and safe - just remember to check that the soil is completely dry before watering. This can be done by observing the top soil, and by sticking a toothpick into the soil to see if it comes out damp/with mud on it.
  • How much light does my plant need?
    For plants, sunlight is the main source of food. If they don't get any food, they will likely not thrive and may even die. This can be mitigated by ensuring your plants get, at minimum, indirect sunlight, or by exposing them to sunlight for some time and moving them back into your preferred space later. We provide the names of all plants we sell so you may research their light and watering requirements, or feel free to contact us.
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